My Music

A truly great DJ, just for the moment, can make the whole room fall in love”

— DJDave::.

Recorded LIVE In The Studio

My passion for music and the hunger for showing off my mixes/sets is totally gratifying.  

My radio show, DeepSoulful House Music Show is taped LIVE every Sunday nights from 10-11pm in the studios of HouseMusicRadio.  you can hear me live by streaming my show on or TuneIn Radio App: Search DJDaveLIVE

Or, listen to the sets that were uploaded on to Mixcloud and played here. Enjoy this journey.

YOU CAN HEAR ME LIVE ON THE RADIO.  If you have your TuneIn App click on it and search "" or click on the links below.

STREAM LIVE 24/7 - HOUSEMUSICRADIO (main radiostation site)
STREAM LIVE on TUNEIN Radio - (follow me)